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Orthopedic Optimization is all about preventing an injury from occurring, or healing an injury before it gets worse.

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Two locations to choose from:

1650 38th St #100e, Boulder, CO 80301 at The Boulder Healing Hub
1800 Broadway #190, Boulder, CO 80302 at One Boulder Fitness

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Orthopedic Optimization is all about preventing an injury from occurring, or healing an injury before it gets worse.

I believe physical therapy should be provided one on one, by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, for 60 minutes. This approach will get you better faster, with fewer visits.

Each visit you will be receiving: Hands-on manual therapy, exercise, and possibly other modalities. You will probably have some exercises or advice as homework between visits.

Typically with this boutique style one-on-one physical therapy what would normally be multiple visits can fit into a single session, saving you both time and money in the long run.

DCB Physical Therapy is located at the Boulder Healing Hub and One Boulder Fitness.

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About Dan

Daniel enjoys treating a wide variety of orthopedic conditions, and enjoys the challenge and variety of patients he encounters on a daily basis. He has a strong background in patient care.

Daniel obtained his Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) certification in 2016 through IAMT, a Board Certification in Orthopedics (OCS) in 2017 through the APTA, and his Level I and Level II Dry Needling Certifications in 2018. He enjoys educating and mentoring students, is a Credentialed Clinical Instructor via the APTA, and has been published in the PT Journal of Orthopedic Sports Medicine for research regarding shoulder impingement.

About Dr. Dan

"Highly, highly recommend!!!"

-Lauren H

Fantastic results and all around great physical therapy experience!!!.. Dr Dan is THE guy to see in the greater Boulder/Denver area. 5 star, 10/10, the best!

-Kenny B

I have made great strides in the last few months towards functional mobility and overall rehab. Dan has a much more well rounded approach than my previous PT and trying BFR has significantly helped my progress.

-Katherine P

Dan is the best! He's super nice, knows what he's doing and stays up to date on the newest research in the field. I didn't think I would have fun doing PT but he made it a great experience.

-Samuel M

Very impressed with the time he takes in determining the source of the pain, the hands on treatment given and his encouragement. Highly recommend!

-Debbie B

I love working with Dan!!! He is awesome and takes the time to understand your issues. He has encouraged me to get stronger and more flexible!!!

-Cristina B